CCC Principles

The Coalition for Community Choice (CCC) strives to address the growing national need for affordable housing and meaningful work for individuals with disabilities by increasing the quality and supply of choices in a broad range of housing, community, and employment opportunities specifically individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD).

In doing so, the CCC adheres to the following principles:

  • Supports and life opportunities for individuals with disabilities should be person centered and based on their individually defined preferred settings, support needs, and meaningful life goals.
  • Quality of support services should be based on the feedback, culture, and personal experiences from individuals being supported, and their families and caregivers, rather than specific physical characteristics of a setting.
  • Individuals with disabilities have the human and civil right to choose from the broadest range of home, workplace, and communities supports and settings. Policy should increase options and decrease barriers to affordable housing, meaningful work opportunities, and direct support service professionals.
  • The development of home, community, and work opportunities should be driven by the individuals who are and will be receiving support services in those settings.

To join the “CCC”, an organization or individual must adhere to the “CCC” Principles above. Submit a request to join the CCC here.  

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