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April 2015

The innovators: matching autistic people with jobs needing special skills | theguardian

Where often the normal recruitment process can fail, Specialisterne helps place people with autism into firms that need workers with a keen eye for detail >> read more

Feds Take Aim At Sheltered Workshops | Disability Scoop

The Obama administration is proposing new regulations that would sharply limit people with disabilities from entering employment situations where they earn less than minimum wage. >> read more

Hollywood’s New Up-and-Comers? Autistic Young Adults | LA Magazine

Detail-oriented and technically skilled, young adults with autism are finding surprise careers in the film and television industries >> read more

March 2015

For adults with autism, a lack of support when they need it most | Washington Post

Bundled up in a puffy green coat, Moore, 35 and sandy-haired, doesn’t stand out in the crowd seeking refuge from the winter cold in a drafty Starbucks. His handshake is firm and his blue eyes meet mine as we talk. He comes across as intelligent and thoughtful, if perhaps a bit reserved. His disability — a form of autism — is invisible. >> read more

Program Would Offer Job Training to 100 Young Adults With Autism | Hartford Courant

This first-ever vocational program – laid out in a bill that is before the legislature’s human services committee – is intended to begin to address two problems: high unemployment among adults with ‪#‎autism‬, and the difficulties many find with living independently. >> read more

Entrepreneur With Asperger’s Raises $3.8 Million | Disability Scoop

Storm Sondors has a house in Malibu, a daily surfing routine, and one of the hottest crowd-funding campaigns on the Internet. >> read more

People With ‘Invisible Disabilities’ Fight For Understanding | NPR

Some disabilities are more obvious than others. Many are immediately apparent, especially if someone relies on a wheelchair or cane. But others — known as “invisible” disabilities — are not. People who live with them face particular challenges in the workplace and in their communities. >> read more

February 2015


Short article by Temple Grandin about applying work skills as an autistic individual. >> read more

How to work with someone with autism | Market Watch

The new guy in the office is loud and aggressive, can’t read social cues, won’t wait his turn in meetings, and talks obsessively about the same things every day. And yet, sometimes, he shares extraordinary insights. >> read more


Rising Tide Car Wash in Parkland, Fla. offers all the standard services and amenities of your typical car wash. But look a little deeper, and you’ll notice something truly remarkable about Rising Tide: they’re primarily staffed by employees on the autism spectrum. >> read more

January 2015

Hiring Workers with Disabilities at Starbucks Largest Distribution Plant | Starbucks Newsroom

Companies, like ‪#‎Starbucks‬, that give individuals with ‪#‎disabilities‬ an opportunity to work often end up with some of their most loyal employees …The investment in training often results in a high retention rate. >> read more

Hiring autistic workers a sweet deal for everyone | Herald Media

ilovesweets.com hires adults with ‪#‎autism‬ – not for philanthropic reasons – but because it makes good business sense. >> read more 

Ted Talk Tuesday: Can autism bring more gifts to the workforce? | TED

December 2014

Wish Book: Autistic lab worker flourishes at biomedical company | San Jose Mercury News

Project Search trains young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism and cerebral palsy, for competitive, entry-level jobs in the medical field. >> read more 


“It may look like your neighborhood Walgreens, but these items are not for sale. This is a mock store, set up as part of a workplace training program called Have Dreams Academy. It’s inside the autism resource organization called Have Dreams in Evanston. Walgreens has agreed to hire some program graduates.” >> read more

5 Ways to Teach Money Management to Older Children with Special Needs | Friendship Circle

Do you have an older child with special needs that you are trying to teach money management?  As your child gets older, learning more about money management and budgeting can increase independence, expand vocabulary and improve literacy and problem-solving skills. >> read more

November 2014

No Longer ‘Falling Off the Cliff’ | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Programs like Cutting Edge provide a way for colleges to respond to what many disability advocates call “falling off the cliff.” >> read more

October 2014

Laundry service provides jobs for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder | Autism Daily Newscast

Oakland University has just opened an on-campus laundry service that provides employment opportunities for adults with #‎autism. >> read more

‘It means the world’: Special Kneads bakery gives special needs adults jobs — and a purpose | Today

“More than 56 million Americans have some type of disability. And while there’s a lot of support for children with special needs, it tends to disappear for adults, leaving many unemployed and living with their parents, unable to pay bills.” >> read more

A film school for those with autism | CNN on YouTube

Video about a film school for individuals with ‪#‎autism‬ headed by John Travolta’s brother, Joey.

Untapped Potential: Autistic Adults | Cognoscenti

This article puts into perspective how a positive attitude, a supportive community, and hard work can help one achieve his/her potential. >> read more

Billionaire Urges Disability HiringDisability Scoop

“Dubbed ‘I’m in to Hire,’ the awareness campaign calls on people — whether they are in a position to hire individuals with ‪#‎disabilities‬ or not — to sign an online pledge to advocate for inclusive workplaces.” >> read full article

A Couple Gaining Independence, and Finding a Bond NY Times

“Peter Maxmean, 35, and Lori Sousa, 48, met five years ago at a sheltered workshop in North Providence, where people with intellectual ‪#‎disabilities‬performed repetitive jobs for little pay, in isolation. But when a federal investigation turned that workshop upside down last year, among those tumbling into the daylight were two people who had fallen in love within its cinder block walls.” >> read full article

What can be done to help parents of autistic adults? | PBS

Dr. Barry and Renee Gordon really nail the issues. Please post and repost. >> read more

September 2014

What You Need To Know About Working With Colleagues On The Autism Spectrum | Forbes

There’s a good chance that many of us have worked with someone on the‪#‎autism‬ spectrum and didn’t even know it! Let’s work together to make sure that our places of employment are welcoming to and tolerant of our individual differences. >> read more

More jobs, health coverage for autism | Examiner

“The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy today announced a total of $8,422,574 in continued funding for organizations that develop models, provide technical assistance and share best practices to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities.”  >> read full article

Hope and frank talk on autism from Temple GrandinUT San Diego

Wearing her trademark embroidered western shirt, Temple Grandin delivered a blunt and, at times, hilarious presentation yesterday at University of San Diego. >> read more

August 2014

TV Series To Examine Life During Transition | Disability Scoop

This is the kind of reality TV the world needs! Kudos to ‪#‎OWN‬. The new documentary-style series airs September 7. >> read more

Entrepreneurship the answer for some with autism | Reading Eagle

After years working as a bagger in a grocery store, Matt Cottle (‪#‎autistic‬), realized he desired something greater. Now, entrepreneur and owner of Stuttering King Bakery in Scottsdale, Ariz., he delivers baked goods to local cafes and businesses in need of catering. >> read more


How many times have you heard the phrase, “I do NOT like small talk”? This right here is a mini social lesson we can all learn from. >> read more

Program helps young adults take autism to work | Click On Detroit

Project Search teaches necessary job skills, eases transition to workforce. >> read more

July 2014

German Company Recruits Employees with Autism | Autism Daily Newscast

“By drawing on the logical and analytical strengths of our consultants – especially in software testing- we create sustainable employment for people on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum. At ‪#‎Auticon‬, consultants are employed on a permanent basis and matched to client’s projects in terms of interest and expertise…” >> read more

How Animal Farm Communities Create a New World for Many with Autism | Fox Business

In the middle of the English countryside, Lydia Otter has made it her life’s mission to work with people like Peter Griffin, a 26-year-old with severe autism. Griffin can hardly speak, but he has flourished at Pennyhooks Care Farm, a farm community focused on therapeutic agriculture, taking up woodworking and working daily on the land. >>read more

Unemployed, on the spectrum | ABC Australia

33-year-old Chris Brown is on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum and has never had long-term ‪#‎employment‬. >>read more 


Autism Awareness Rising Tide Car Wash Thomas D’eri Fort Lauderdale Remote Studio Al Jazeera Liveshot | Vimeo

Rising Tide Car Wash provides ‪#‎employment‬ to those with ‪#‎autism‬, and they were just featured on Al Jazeera’s program “Consider This”

Businesses Look To Hire People With Autism To Improve Workforce Capabilities, ‘Autism At Work’ | Inquisitr

A local bakery and cafe in Schenectady, New York, is hoping to shed light on the issue of employment for people with autism. >> read more

Working with Asperger’s | Youtube

Michael discusses his ‪#‎employment‬ experiences as an adult with an‪#‎Aspergers‬ diagnosis.

July 2014

Tim’s Place Albuquerque: Service With A Smile | youtube

Tim Harris wakes up at 5:30am each day to get ready for work. His job? Tim is the owner of Tim’s Place, a restaurant in Albuquerque that serves yummy food with a side of smiles and hugs.

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Autism and employment options: a reality check | SFgate

Laura Schumaker conducted an informal Facebook survey to find out what kinds of jobs autistic adults are finding. >> read article

City gardening helps autistic youths and young adults | WGNTV

A program in Chicago aims to bring successful futures to autistic adults through gardening. >> read article

Unemployed, on the spectrum | ABC, Mildura

Chris, 33, has never had long-term employment. >> read his story

Randy Lewis: ‘We haven’t found a disability we can’t employ’ | HR Magazine

Lewis retired from Walgreens in 2013, after 16 years. He is now putting all his considerable energy into advocating for inclusive recruitment around disability, as well as promoting his book No Greatness Without Goodness.  >> continue reading

June 2014

Program helps young adults take autism to work | Click on Detroit

Project Search teaches necessary job skills, eases transition to workforce. >> read article

Putting Autism to Work | MyFoxDFW

North Texas is home to a thriving tech industry and one of the global companies with offices here is pursuing a new kind of hiring policy. They’re going out of their way to put autistic people on the payroll. >> watch feature

Working with an Asperger’s Diagnosis | Gretchen Leary

Author, Gretchen Leary, writes to hiring managers about her challenges and talents as an autistic woman >> read more

Local Lettuce Company Employs, Trains Young People With Autism | WOSU

Lettuce Work, a hydroponic lettuce company in New Albany is training autistic adults >> read article

Disclosing a diagnosis of autism – should you? | Autism Daily Newscast

Deciding whether or not to disclose autism can be a very difficult decision for a lot of autistic people.  >> read article

Chicago based AutonomyWorks employs young adults with autism | Autism Daily Newscast

David Friedman is founder and CEO of AutonomyWorks, a company that employs adults with autism. >> read more

The benefits of hiring employees with disabilities | NJ.com

Companies must make a deliberate, forward-leaning commitment to recruit and train people with disabilities. >> read more

Small businesses create new jobs for autistic adults | Marketplace

The good news is there are communities popping up across the country that have come up with several small business models that ease young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) into the adult world of work and self-sufficiency. >> read more

Urbana coffee shop’s mission develops adults with disabilities | Springfield News

A coffee shop in Urbana recently opened with a mission to not only brew fresh coffee, but also bolster life skills for adults with developmental disabilities. >> read article

Green Bridge Growers: Growing organic produce, employing young adults with autism | The Splendid Table

Add Chris Tidmarsh and Jan Pilarski to the long list of innovators in growing organic food. When Tidmarsh graduated from college with degrees in chemistry, environmental studies and French, he discovered how hard it was to join the workforce as a young adult with autism. >> read article

Troubled Future For Young Adults On Autism Spectrum | wbur’s CommonHealth

Autistic adult, Michael, discusses his future and desire for meaningful employment. >> read more

A film set, where adults with autism learn job skills | Michigan Radio

One program in Rochester is giving young adults with autism the skills to get a job in an unusual way: by training them in the movie business.  >> read article

For Those With Autism, Hospitals May Be Ideal Training Ground | Disability Scoop

The student in scrubs is part of a Virginia Commonwealth University study that’s trying to find ways to help young adults with autism make the transition from high school to the working world through Project SEARCH, which trains people with disabilities in hospital jobs. >> read article

May 2014

Adults with autism get help from human simulator to navigate job interviews | Today

This article explains a brand new simulator that has been developed to help autistic adults nail job interviews. >> read article

April 2014

Rising Tide Car Wash on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams | Youtube

Harry Smith travels to Parkland, Fl to tell the story of Rising Tide Car Wash and John D’Eri’s vision to change the way the world looks at autism. >> watch video

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March 2014

How Autism Can Help You Land a Job | Wall Street Journal

Some employers such as SAP and Freddie Mac are increasingly are viewing autism as an asset and not a deficiency in the workplace. >> read article

For Tech Companies, Hiring Workers With Disabilities ‘Cool’ | Disability Scoop

This article explores how some tech companies are giving those with disabilities careers – not just jobs. >> read article

Rising Pride: Thomas & John D’Eri at TEDxCoconutGrove | Youtube

Ted Talk by John and TomD’Eri, the father-and-son team that founded Rising Tide Car Wash, a social enterprise dedicated to providing gainful employment for people with autism in a premium car wash brand while simultaneously inviting the community to see the potential this talent pool has to offer. >> watch video

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February 2014

Puzzles to fill a special need | Times Union

Sara Mae Hickey, founder and president of The Autism Initiative, stands in front of the construction site for Puzzles Bakery & Cafe on State St. on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014, in Schenectady, N.Y. The cafe, which will open in the Spring, will be a place for adults with autism to work. >> read article

January 2014

Some With Developmental Disabilities Find Entrepreneurial Success In Triangle | WUNC

In a traditional labor market, Ewan Toscano might be considered “hard to employ.” But he’s part of group of young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities who have a proven track record — not only of employment — but of entrepreneurship in the Triangle. >> read article

Setting up autistic employees to succeed | Human Resource Executive Online 

As you may know, autistic employees can be valuable contributors to your workforce. And as recent research underscores, autistic workers get value from the employment proposition that goes beyond simply receiving a paycheck. >> read more

Brad Fremmerlid, Man With Severe Autism, Turns Knack For Ikea Assembly Into A Business | HuffPost Good News

Assembling Ikea furniture can be a headache. Complicated instructions, confusing diagrams and stray pieces that don’t seem to fit anywhere are a recipe for an emotional meltdown. But for Brad Fremmerlid, building Ikea furniture is no problem at all. >> read article

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