Why create a Person-Centered Plan?

Why Create a Person-Centered Plan?

  • Gives citizens with intellectual / developmental disability a leadership role in their future.
  • Focuses supports and home or community settings around an individual’s need and preferences.
  • Identifies the specific skills, actions, connections and settings needed to meet person-centered support needs and life goals.
  • Brings natural and paid support system together on the same page.
  • Offers direction of where to best use limited time and resources.
  • New federal regulations now require specific elements in a person-centered plan to access waiver funding.
  • Modifications can be made to requirements of these federal regulations if documented in one’s person-centered plan. (Ex: If one is diabetic, but has trouble regulating one’s intake of sugar, limitations may need to implemented for the waiver recipient not to cause harm to themselves. Thus a modification to the rule that one must have access to food at all times must be documented.)

To learn more about the new federal regulations and specific requirements of one’s person-centered planning process and documentation, please review the CCC PCP Requirements document as well as the presentation below for more information.








More resources on Person-Centered Planning and guides for facilitation can be found in the Autism Housing Network’s Resource Directory.

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